Stars root for safe sex

Tollywood stars looking down from huge glossy hoardings endorsing a soft drink or jewellery brand is something that we see everyday, but suddenly when you see them in comparatively casual attire, advocating a social cause, it does make your eyes light up. For those of us caught in the famous Hyderabad traffic, it’s hard not to spot Siddharth holding a condom pack right at the busy Begumpet flyover or the filmi couple Nagarjuna and Amala advocating safe sex at the Narayanguda crossroads.
While these National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) promos are no patch on the famous Puli Raja AIDS campaign, these isolated ads placed at busy crossroads in Punjagutta, Narayanguda and Sitaphalmandi, do make a statement, especially with a busy star earmarking time for a pressing social cause.
Perhaps this is the first time that a Tollywood star couple is advocating a cause together. In fact, actor Nagarjuna himself is surprised that the advertisements of Amala and him have finally been put up. While that’s Nag’s desire, in reality not many stars find the time to do it. But there are some exceptions. Actor Siddharth who has been involved with NGOs that work in the field of HIV awareness and intervention, for many years now.