Srinu Vaitla is facing an acid test ?

srinu-vaitlaTollywood director Srinu Vaitla who enjoyed the ‘star director ‘ status after back to back hits like Dhee, Dookudu and Baadshah , is facing an acid test with his upcoming film Mister starring Vantin Tej.

Keeping aside, his last two films Aagadu and Bruce Lee which were criticised of being routine comedy entertainers, The director’s Mister came with a new approach .

Srinu Vaitla says Entertainment and comedy are his fort and says criticism gives him strength. He also says that he need not prove his ability as director but the passion is the one which runs hm forward.

The director is so much confident that he has joined the film as partner instead taking remuneration for Mister. The film was shot in Spain, Switzerland, Ooty, Kerala, Baba Budangiri Hills in Karnataka and the outskirts of Hyderabad, It is all set to release on April 14. Will this film bring back his star director status ?