Srini Raju sends Legal Notice to Pawan Kalyan

srini-raju-pawan-kalyanSrini Raju, the owner of a media company, has sent legal notices to the actor and Jana Sena party president Pawan Kalyan.

The notice was sent in connection with objectionable comments mentioned in Twitter by Kalyan. The notice mentioned that Pawan has made false allegations against Srini Raju, thus his lawyers have sent notices.

The notice mentioned that Srini Raj was shocked to see Pawan Kalyan’s comments against him on Twitter, It also raised a question saying What is the difference between Pawan and other political leaders who make such false statements ?.

Further, it said, Srini Raju has no connection with film director Ramgopal Verma directly or indirectly. Pawan allegation that Srini Raju along with Ravi Prakash and Ram Gopal Varma helped the TDP leaders to abuse PK mother is just a speculation, stated Srini Raju in the notice. The lawyers stated that their client felt very bad when Pawan made such speculative statements against him.