Srini Raju might prove costly for Pawan Kalyan

srini-rajuJana Sena president Pawan Kalyan has turned emotional and slammed the media, political outfits and eminent personalities like Srini Raju might prove costly for the actor-turned-politician.

Srini Raju is a successful venture capitalist who built Satyam and Cognizant and now runs ILabs which funds startups. Srini Raju of Peepul Capital is making arrangements to send lawsuit to Pawan Kalyan for dragging his name without any proofs. His legal team already working on the defamation suit.

While Pawan Kalyan is not in a mood to claim down, he reportedly met the lawyers before making allegations against Srini Raju and others. He reportedly has some strong proofs against them. Pawan believes there is a conspiracy against him and his family to defame them after he slammed over Nara Lokesh’s corruption in the public meeting.