Srimanthudu Record : First 10 tickets sold for $15k in Detroit

srimanthuduMahesh Babu is considered as the King of Overseas Box-office and his films have done exceptionally well in USA, Canada, UK and other countries so far.

His most awaited  film Srimanthudu is all set for a big release worldwide on August 7th and a fan of Mahesh moved heaven and earth and finally got 10 tickets successfully. A big crazy fans of Mahesh were desperate for tickets and stay in news to be the biggest fans of Mahesh have shed $15000 from their pockets.

In Detroit, Naveen Yerneni Friends and bought First 10 Tickets for $15k which is a record in USA movie history. it means one ticket which worth around $20 is sold for $1500 (about 95k). Distributors are planning grand release in 11 theaters and 20 premier shows are planned on August 6th.

While in Andhra , the local government bodies has given permission to hike ticket prices in Kakinada, Rajahmundry, Eluru & Amalapuram. Rs. 100 for Single Screens .

Producers are very confident about the film and that is the reason why they are releasing Srimanthudu in record number of Theaters in US and Canada.