Srihari’s wife came out of addiction

srihari-wifeLate actor Srihari’s wife admitted that she came out of sleeping drugs addiction and survived with the help of her son.

After Srihari’s death, her family has become an orphan and she has become a slave to anesthesia without regular food or water for months. Her health became worse and was lifted by her first son to join her in a Hospital. At that time she realized about her children and came out completely from that seduction.

Disco Shanthi was not only the wife of late actor Srihari, but also a great actress. Four years after death of Srihari, She gave an interview to a magazine and give a complete picture of her family status.

Shanti said that his life became dark when Srihari died and to forget that pain she was addicted to sleeping drugs and now came out of it. She feared as what will happen tomorrow and had paid three-year college fee to her younger son. She says she  always fears that she might also leave her children like Srihari.

She said, Srihari has started a trust on the name of their deceased daughter, Akshaya and she is continuing the trust service.