Sri Sri Movie Review – Family Package for Fans

srisri-reviewMovie : Sri Sri
Director : Muppalaneni Siva
Producer : Sri Saideep Chatla, Y Balu Reddy, Shaik Siraj
Music Director : E S Murthy
Starring : Krishna, Vijaya Nirmala, Naresh. Rating : 2.5/5


Sreepada Srinivasa Rao, Sri Sri (Krishna) is a retired law college professor lives a beautiful and peaceful life his wife is Vyjayanthimala and daughter Swetha. Swetha (Angana Roy) is a journalist working in Spy Tv, , who is always takes people side . She unearths deadly injustice of a gang who kills tribes. She and the Tribe leader Surya (sai kumar) will be targeted by the gang involving Bikshapathi(Posani) and JK(Murali Sharma) and and gets killed brutally.

Sri Sri approaches the law but all the culprits are freed because of their political power and loop holes in law. How Sri Sri punish them in his own style using the same loopholes in law…forms story.

After many years Krishna is back to silver screen with a powerful role , his getup and performance are big assets to the film.
with revenge backdrop.His dialogue delivery is still commendable and clear . Although he was facing bit difficulty in moving but his screen presence has not faded. VijayaNirmala impressed in her role . Other roles in the film were perfect in their performances.

Technically , E.S Murthy songs were okay, songs should have been avoided for this kind of film. Director was able to narrate the point that he believed in the film , very clear. Dialogue were good, No entertainment, slow pace with no twists make the film very dull to watch.

Basically Sri Sri is a dubbed version of Marathi film , the subject is a social related message which make audience to connect. The flashback episode was shown in installments . The pace of the first half is not seen in second half. Since the entire story is told in first half, there would be nothing left for second half. Director could not engage the audience in second half, thus director tried to drag the scenes very much. Krishna Vijaya Nirmala old clipping and Mahesh’s Charusheel song makes Ghattamaneni fans happy. The movie has voice over of Mahesh Bbau. Krishna struggled during the action sequences. Director should have used ‘Mindgames’ instead of action to highlight Krishna’s role considering his age. Finally Sudheer Babu sparks as Police special attraction. Overall the movie looks like Old wine in New Bottle.


Family Package for Krishna fans.