Sri Reddy wants KCR to take action on Sexual exploitation in TFI

sri-reddySocial media sensation and actress Sri Reddy said that she does not sleep until the Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao take action against the sexual exploitation of actresses in Tollywood.

Sri Reddy, who made sensational comments on the Telugu film industry, said CM KCR should put a check on the problems faced by the actresses in Tollywood in her latest ‘Hyderabad Times’ interview.

Sri Reddy is a bold lady, she exposed about the Telugu Film Industry. She felt agony in TFI and ready to face attacks from bigwigs of Telugu Industry.

Sridevi has acted in films like ‘Arvind 2’, ‘Zindagi’ and ‘Nenu Naana Abadam’, is currently fighting over sexual harassment faced by heroines in Tollywood.