Sri Reddy unmasks her secret agenda

rp_pawan-sri-reddy-300x179.jpgActress Sri Reddy unmasked herself and helped people to know that there is a secret agenda behind her issue to defame Pawan Kalyan personality and image.

Fact is that Pawan Kalyan is the only hero from Tollywood who had responded to Sri Reddy’s issue, he advised everyone to approach police or courts instead of appealing before TV channels for justice.

But Sri Reddy seems to have a different agenda and fooling everyone for being exploited, she has been resorting to blackmailing with so-called proofs.

First, it was critic Kathi Mahesh who criticised Pawan Kalyan on daily basis for few months with the support of a section of media and now Sri Reddy. Who would benefit in defaming Pawan Kalyan? is the point to be given some sense of thinking.