Sri Reddy on Tollywood sex racket in US

rp_srireddy-176x300-1-176x300.jpgTollywood is in headlines followed by a series of disputes. Drugs racket, casting couch and sex racket in America.

Tollywood co-producer has brought bad name to the Telugu industry crossing country borders. , running sex racket with actors and character artists in the name of events.

Mogudumidi Kishan and his wife Chandra, who co-produced several films in the Telugu, have been detained by the American police. The sex racket in the US and many heroines names hae come out.
Three top actresses from the South were summoned by US police for six hours at an international airport in the US.

Controversial actress Sri Reddy reacted to this sex racket controversy. She said, She got a call from Kishan and his wife who were running this sex racket in US. The fix a rate based on the popularity of the celebrities and due to the lack of opportunities in the movies ,lot of people getting trapped. Sri Reddy expressed her sympathy towards victims.