Sri Reddy determined to defeat Pawan Kalyan

pawan-sri-reddyThe private conversation between Sri Reddy and Tamannah has been leaked which revealed sensational truths behind.

Some of the highlights of the conversation

Sri Reddy revealed that RGV asked me to use M** word against Pawan Kalyan and gave her a wrong advice to demand Suresh babu 5 crores and with this move her protest is sidelined and she lost support.

Sri Reddy said YSRCP have done a home work but there is no clarity on this in the conversation.

She revealed that Mahaa TV Murthy is concerned for his TRP rathers about not concerned for her .

She plans to revive the movement in two days with the support of Sandhya and other women organisation members.

Sri Reddy is determined to take revenge on Pawan Kalyan to see his defeat , (don’t know why she has so much grudge on PK )