Sravan confess conspiracy in Sirisha Case

Rajeev-Sravan-Sirisha-suicide-caseThe main accused in Beautician Sirisha Case, Sravan reportedly confessed conspiracy.

During the police interrogation, Sravan agreed to say that, His friend Sirisha and Rajeev’s quarrel reached beyond the limits. He took them to SI Prabhakar Reddy of Kukunoorpally urging him to resolve the matter between them. He also told the SI that Sirisha can be useful to them and he would bring both Sirisha and Rajeev to Kukunoorpally.

Sravan reportedly told the police that He knowns about Prabhakar Reddy ‘s behavior and asked SI Prabhakar to make maximum use of the situation when Sirisha is at Kukunoorpally. SI arranged non-vegetarian and liquor and all the four enjoyed the drinks. Sirisha was served with an extra dose of liquor deliberately. All the three men came out for smoking for the first time, Later SI Prabhakar has sent Sravan and Rajeev out for smoking and tried to molest her. However, she recovered from the alcoholic buzz and started shouting, said Sravan.

On the other hand, Banjara Hills police who were supposed to go to Kukunoorpally resorts and PS took the accused around of Hyderabad-Kukunoorpally road. the forensic lab report which is pending would reveal whether Sirisha was raped or not?.