Sr.Babai vs Jr.Babai !!

The era of the big 4 ie Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh and Balakrishna is coming to an end and one actor who belongs to the next generation is Pawan Kalyan. Among them, two stars are ‘Babais’ to the young generation stars of their family. They are Jr NTR and Ram Charan respectively.

We are talking about the duo of Balakrishna and Pawan Kalyan. However, Balayya is more a senior and his impact has been strong with the masses and Nandamuri fans. As for Pawan, he has following right from masses to youth to family audiences. That way, the box office impact of Pawan is higher than Balayya Babu.

In the younger lot, the trend is different. NTR Junior has got a strong crowd pull factor but lately the Nandamuri tag has been hampering the chances of expanding his fan base. As for Charan, he is slowly spreading from the hardcore masses to the urban and family audiences.