Spyder USA ticketing prices

rp_spyder-audio-214x300-1-214x300-214x300.jpgSuper Star Mahesh Babu much-anticipated spy thriller, a bilingual film ‘Spyder’ is all set for grand release on September, 27th as Dussera.

According to the film’s overseas distributor, the film will be screened in more than 600, The Telugu version is releasing in 250 locations while Tamil version in 150 locations. Telugu version ticketing prices will be costlier than Tamil version.

For BOGO Offer Theatres (Cinemark, Regal & AMC theatre chains) ticket price is ($25 for adults and $15 For Children).

For Non-BOGO Theatres, ticket prices will be ($22 for adults and $15 For Children).

For Regular shows, it would be ($18 for adults and $10 For Children) for all theatres.

Rakhul Preeth Singh as the female lead, directed by Murugadoss, produced by Tagore Madhu. It is all set for premiers on 26th.