Spyder teaser Leaked

rp_spyder1-300x169-1-300x169-1-300x169-1-300x169-1-300x169-1-300x169-1-300x169.jpgSuperstar Mahesh Babu starrer Spyder’s teaser of the film were leaked on the Internet, before the official teaser is out.

On the eve of Mahesh bbau’s birthday, the makers were supposed to release the teaser but some enthusiastic netizens have leaked the teaser much before on Twitter.

The leaked Spyder teaser reveals that the film is about Flyover collapse and the antagonist creating terror among people. While Mahesh utter a dialogue ” భయపెట్టడం మాకూ తెలుసు “.

Sources abuzz the teaser is with the poor visual quality especially the scene where a
Rolling Stone or Roller Coaster on the road creating panic among public and even the cracked pillars caught fire scene. The film seems to be a regular Murugadoss film.