Spyder to open as Number 1 movie in the USA

rp_spyder-poster-2-300x211.jpgSuperstar Mahesh Babu starrer SPYder to storm on its premiere day at USA Box Office with record collections. The Advance booking is fantastic, many locations are already sold out.

Spyder is expected to open as Number 1 movie in the USA on a premier day, Baahubali Telugu holds this record with over $1.5 Million (premiers).

Spyder will be opening at 450 locations in about 850 screens, it is a gigantic release for any South Asian Film. The makers claim to have booked over $500,000 in presales.

Spyder is all about an Intelligence Bureau officer tries to stop wars and Biological Terrorism against some of the most advanced and equally intelligent terrorists by stopping diseases caused by Bio-Terrorism.