Spyder Nizam recovery ratio only 33 percent ?

rp_spyder-review-211x300-1-211x300-1-211x300-1-211x300-211x300.jpgSuperstar Mahesh babu’s Spyder is a complete disaster in all areas released, the Nizam territory has recovered 33% only. The Nizam distributor Dil Raju has almost lost 13-14 crores on Spyder.

The official press note of Mahesh babu’s Spyder Business in Telangana. It says the movie has done a business of Rs 67543521/- and the recovery ratio is only 33% based on the specified pre-release business details reported by the makers. The producer and the makers do not owe any sort of balance to the govt in terms of tax.

Meanwhile, the official Twitter handle of  Telangana Boxoffice announced that the Final closing share of Spyder in Nizam is 9.85 Crores.