Spies around Mahesh Babu’s SVSC

One of the most sought after places and much visited places by the filmnagar folks is the famous Ramoji Film City. Some of the best movies have their shooting there and currently, some major projects are happening. Now, RFC is making news for another reason which has raised eyebrows.

News is that few people have gained entry inside RFC and have been hovering around the sets of the film  Mahesh’s ‘Seetamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’. Buzz is that they are trying to capture few snapshots or get the inside stuff about the film so that they can be revealed outside.

Some are saying these are spies from the distributors who want to see how the film is shaping up and place their stakes accordingly. Given the hype the film is generating, this seems to be quite natural. Perhaps the unit members of the film should be more attentive and alert now.