Special Status only with Congress : Kiran Kumar

kiranFormer Chief Minister Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy came back to the Congress party in the presence of Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday.

Speaking on this occasion, Kiran said, “The bond with the Congress party is inseparable. He said that our family was recognized by the Congress party. Four times my father has won as an MLA on Congress party ticket and has the closest association with the Gandhi family.

The former chief said,” I got the Chief Whip, Speaker and Chief Minister posts. I am very happy to come back to Congress as YSR’s close friend. I am ready for any responsibility given by the high command. Around 30 to 40 leaders who joined the other parties will come back. Rahul Gandhi said he would work hard to come to power at National level.

All the bifurcation grantees including special status will be fulfilled only when Congress comes to power at the Center in the next elections. They will ensure fulfilment of the assurances given to two Telugu states.