Special status is Live and Death issue : Naidu

naiduAndhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu held a meeting on sunday with many senior leaders and MPs in Vijayawada, over special status issue.

Speaking to media He said, Congress has divided the state undemocratically while BJP has told that they would support the state. He said, Special status promise has been made by BJP and now  it is taking a ‘U ‘ turn , which is not correct on BJP’s part.

He said, they is no relation between 14th finance commission and special status. He expressed anguish at the BJP Government for denying the special status by showing 14th Finance Commission recommendations. He also found fault that the Centre failed to resolve many issues pertaining to the two Telugu States.

He said, Special status is “Live and Death” issue for the state. AP has revenue deficit, no resources to generate income and no income . He said, It’s the responsibility of center to fulfill the gap of revenues. If center had no resources then why they have went for bifurcation?. This is the issue of 5 crore people of AP.