Special package leads to 60k crore loss to AP : Jairam

jairam-ramesh1Former central minister Jairam Ramesh once again reiterated that the 14th finance commission never recommended the central government, not to accord special status to Andhra Pradesh.

He said, The special package announced by the center will do no benefit to the He questioned union minister Venkaiah Naidu alleging that he did not raise any objections, when the state division act was drafted. He alleged that it is not appropriate to lie on the draft. He alleged that, Venkaiah Naidu making politics eyeing on Vice-President post.

He said, the chairman of 14th finance commission, Dr Y Venugopal Reddy, settled in Hyderabad, did not recommend the abolition of special category status. He further said, The special package will lead to 60k crore loss to AP.

Speaking about Polavaram He said, Polavaram project should be executed by the center and not by the state as mentioned in AP reorganisation act, it needs amendment of section 94 to handed over the project to the state and Congress would not support such amendment. The Polavaram will not be completed , if its construction is given in the hands of the state due to inter state disputes.