Special Category Status is our right : Naidu

rp_naidu-special-package-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-300x252-1-300x252-1-300x252.jpgAndhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu once again insisted on giving special status to the AP. Speaking at an event in Ananthapur today, he demanded that the AP should get special status as mentioned Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014, when other states are having it.

Speaking at the frame installation ceremony of the KIA motors plant at Yerramanchi village of Anantapur district He said “I went to Delhi 29 times so far and asked to fulfil the promises made in the Rajya Sabha. If these promises were fulfilled by now, AP would have been developed till now. But the centre had only a handful of help. I would appreciate any hard-working party, “said CM

He said, Special Category Status is our right and it should be given to us. We fought for our rights and we will continue to fight until we get what is rightfully for the people