South Korea’s unit Spartan 3000 to kill Kim Jong-un

Kim-Jong-un-South Korea is preparing a special team to knock out North Korea’s president  Kim Jong-un, who has hit the headlines for his dictatorship and for his nuclear bomb testing.

A special expert named “Spartan 3000” is under training to kill Kim said a US expert. He said the team will penetrate into North Korea to kill Kim. The unit, officially known as the Spartan 3000, has not been assigned to literally decapitate North Korean leaders . The govt is pouring money into strategies and weapons to eliminate Kim Jong-un

This is not the first time that South Korea has been involved in this kind of killing of North Korean leaders. Previously they tried to kill Kim Sung 2 and failed. Some of those who crossed the border have returned to their homeland , while the others killed themselves without surrendering to the enemy.