South Films Have Found Their Bangkok-2

South Indian filmmakers have given new shape to Bangkok my making this traditional city their second home. After entertaining this Thai place for more than a decade, they have now found a ‘second version’ of it.

Telugu Filmmakers like EVV, Puri and others made it a routine to fly Bangkok all the time for their movies. As sentiment plays a key role in Tollywood, other makers too followed it. Now, the buzz and focus has shifted to ‘China’ with the success of Ram Charan’s ‘Racha’. While Charan had shot just fights, other makers like Lawrence and hero Vishnu are even planning for songs in this Asian country. With many eyes searching for virgin locales in China, their authorities are coming up with special packages for Indian producers. Top Indian director Shankar is also canning his upcoming movie ‘I’ in the noodles-land, which has become obviously Bangkok-2.

Sources revealed that shooting in China is costing as much as that costs in Bangkok. With audience quenching for more exciting locales all the time, makers are eyeing on different places, developing the tourism of those countries. Let us hope at least some film makers will make best use of serene spots in India too.