South celebrities shower praises on Oopiri

oopiri-nagarjuna-mahesh-babuSouth celebrities shower praises on Classic experimental film Nagarjuna and Karthi’s Oopiri, which is doing very good business in Overseas.

Mahesh Babu watched Oopiri at a private screening and was awe stuck to Tweet as… “Brilliantly acted and directed… Oopiri is an outstanding film… Congrats to the entire team.” Mahesh also called Nagarjuna after watching Oopiri and spoke at length about the film for nearly 20 minutes.

Director Ram Gopal Varma, too, can’t stop praising the film: “Baahubali, Srimanthudu, Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi, Naannaku Prematho, Kshanam and Oopiri seem to be killing masala films by ushering in a new era.

“Oopiri, a combo film of Tamil and Telugu stars, being such a big hit in both markets proves that cross-casting can double the market. People behind commercial masala films assume the audience to be brain-less idiots whereas people behind Oopiri respect the audiences intelligence,” he posted.

Superstar Suriya tweeted “Just saw the film, so satisfying! Loved both Karthi n Nag Sir’s work, superb dialogues…! We laughed we cried!” said the star.

S.S. Rajamouli tweeted “Intouchables is one of my favourites. Frankly, I didn’t think Vamsi would be able to handle it. Thanks Vamsi for proving me wrong. The scenes you Indianised made it a better film. Karthi is so good. Nagarjuna garu is a true path breaker. Congratulations to PV garu and the whole team. Oopiri is a true entertainer that stays with you for a long time. Don’t miss it…”, tweeted the director.