Sooreedu…Where are you?

The regime of Y S Rajasekhar Reddy as a chief minister saw many things happening but after his demise a lot of turmoil has sprung up in the Congress camp. It is heard that those who are trusted aides of YSR have always been taken care of properly and they also showed their loyalty to him in all ways.

One man who was always called as a shadow to YSR was Sooreedu. He has been part of the YS family since many years and never left YSR till the end. But today, Sooreedu is totally out of the focus. Many opponents of YSR are also trying to figure out where Sooreedu is and what he is upto.

For now, a source close to the YS camp reveals that Sooreedu has been taking care of the businesses of the family since Jagan is also in the jail. Another version is that Sooreedu has been going around the state taking care of the financial transactions. But at the end of the day, he is totally in invisible mode.