Sonia Gandhi bifurcated AP to make Rahul Gandhi as PM

rahul-sonia-modi-300x172Former Congress leader who joined BJP ,Kavuri Sambasiva Rao alleged that Congress president Sonia Gandhi has bifurcated the state of Andhra Pradesh to see her son Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister.

He said, Sonia Gandhi was in a view that, Congress would get 17 out of 17 MPs in Telangana for announcing separate state with TRS as alliance its partner and At least two seats in Andhra Pradesh. But this idea was misfired, Congress lost its ground in both the states. He said, He had strongly argued with Congress leadership, that if AP is divided, people of residuary state of AP will not forgive Congress.

He said,Congress also betrayed the state by not including the granting of Special Category Status (SCS) or establishing of Railway Zone in the Re-organisation Act 2014.

He raised objections on opposition parties for criticising the BJP and using the Special status issue for the political milage. He said, AP would get more benefits with Special package than Special status.