Sonia Gandhi accepts Congress Defeat

sonia-gandhiCongress had a last smile with the Puducherry Victory after facing defeat in rest of the four state. The party has managed to get power in Puducherry by winning 17 out of 30 seats .

Congress President Sonia Gandhi in her statement said, We accept the verdict of the people of Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry & Kerala with utmost humility. I thank all the voters who participated in strengthening our democratic process during these elections as also the congress workers and leaders who worked hard during the campaign.

She further said, “I congratulate the people of Puducherry for giving the party the mandate”. We will introspect into the reasons of our loss and will rededicate ourselves to the service of the people with greater vigour. I extend my best wishes to the leaders of the winning parties and hope that good governance and development shall remain the center point of political discourse.