Sonia, Azad and Botsa all in liquor mafia reach

Sonia, Azad and Botsa all in liquor mafia reach
TDP president Sri Nara Chandrababu Naidu said today that sudden transfer of the ACB tough cop probing the liquor mafia has confirmed that both congress president Sonia Gandhi and Ghulam Nabi Azad were within the reach of the liquor mafia.

Speaking to reporters at NTR bhavan, the TDP president said that people are aware of the fact  that congress leaders were neck deep involved in various scams- 2G, CWG, Bofors and YSR’s mining and land scams.
He said the Kiran Government act of transfer of the tough cop had watered down all protests and agitation of the opposition – five days blockade of the assembly budget session, dharnas, rasta rokos by the TDP and other agencies.
Sri Naidu it was tragic that the Government chose to issue a mid night transfer order on the eve of the ACB report due to the high court in the next ten days.
 He charged that the dilution of the liquor scam probe was part of a conspiracy of Sonia Gandhi, Azad and Botsa and said that  the government had shamelessly  kept the excise Minister in the seat even after the liquor mafia don declared that he had given Rs.10 lakh bribe to the minister.

The TDP president ridiculed the statement of the liquor don turned minister Botsa that nothing wrong in being in liquor business, and that his family was in liquor trade in four districts and that he had no knowledge of who was the ACB top gop Srinivas Reddy. “It is it not a fact that the Minister was angry that Srinivas Reddy had interrogated a excise and police inspector very choose to the minister in the Vizianagaram district”, he asked. Botsa gang was engaged in 103 of the 202 liquor outlets in the district and freely sold non duty paid liquor smuggled from Orissa.

Sri Naidu said that the Rs.15,000 crore liquor scam had been fleecing the poor of their Rs.60,000 crore of hard earned money illegally and said that the Srinivas Reddy transfer was deliberate and not in public interest as the Government had kept another IG promote Balasubramanyam in the same post even after elevation
He sought the chie minister to clarify why six ministers hauled up by supreme court were not responding and the government was dumb and blind to even the CAG criticism.While officials who crawled before YSR are now in thick of criminal cases and languishing in courts, the officials are being hauled up by Kiran Kumar Reddy government for their honest work.

Challenging the congress for a public debate on all scams the TDP president said he would launch the party campaign for bye polls from Tirupati only.