Son has no legal right to stay in parent’s House

d-01According to the Delhi high court, A son has no legal right to live in the self-acquired house of his parents, irrespective of his marital status.Sons can reside there only at “mercy” of their parents.

A Delhi-based man and his wife challenged the order of a trial court which had passed a decree in favor of his parents, who had filed a suit seeking a direction to their son and daughter-in-law to vacate the floors in their possession.

The son claimed that they were the co-owners of the property as they had contributed towards its purchase and construction. But the court gave the orders as the son was unable to prove that they were the co-owners of the property, while his parents produced documentary evidence.

The elderly man told the court that out of love and affection, he and his wife allowed his son and his wife to live on the first floor of their house. He said, ‘Life turns hell’for them that they were not even paying the electricity bills.