Somu Veerraju goes into Hiding

Somu VeerrajuAn insubordination situation has been created in Andhra Pradesh BJP party after the appointment of Kanna Lakshminarayana as the BJP president.

BJP MLA Somu Veerraju went into hiding, switching off his phone after handing over the party president post to Kanna. He is not even available to his close party leaders. On the other hand, his party leaders are also resigning to the party. The East Godavari District Rural and Urban Presidents were willing to resign from the party in support of Somu Veerraju. They have already sent letters to Ram Madhav.

Hari Babu stepped down as AP BJP president in the wake of the departure of TDP from the NDA government at the Center. He was replaced by Kanna Laxminarayana recently as the state president of the party and Somu Veerraju as the state convener of the state. However Somu Veerraju, who is aggressively acting on behalf of the BJP in AP politics, is not happy with this decision.

The party’s high command gave presidential post to appease Lakshminarayana who was supposed to change the party. While Veerraju is angry that he has been insulted .