Somu Veerraju gets counter from TDP

Somu VeerrajuThe TDP leaders criticised BJP MLA, Somu Veerraju, for lambasting the Telugu Desam Party and its party chief.

TDP president Guntur district and MLA Jeeva Anjaneyulu and MLC Dokka Manikya Varaprasad spoke separately with the media in Guntur district. Anjaneyulu said that Somu Veerraju is working as a leader of the YRCP rather than the BJP. He warned to maintain the alliance law. It’s TDP which gave him MLC when he got fewer votes than an independent candidate. Instead of speaking on behalf of the YCP leaders, Anjaneyulu suggested that Somu join the YSP party.

Jagan party is totally at a bow before the centre as YCP chief carrying cases. Even the praised budget said Dokka Manikavara Prasad. The interests of YCP are more important than state interests. Sonu Viraraju allegedly showing his frustration for not getting the party chief position in AP.