Somireddy slams Jagan for alleging 3.75 Lakh Cr corruption

somireddyAndhra Pradesh Minister Somireddy slammed at YSRCP president Jagan Mohan Reddy for alleging that AP CM Chandrababu Naidu resorted to the corruption of Rs.3,75,000 crores in three years and alleged that corruption of Rs one lakh crores took place in the capital alone.

He said, YSRCP president is making baseless allegations on Naidu, The three years budget of AP itself is 3.60+ Lakh crores. 2014-15 Budget 1.11 Lakh crores, 2015-16 Budget 1.11 Lakh crores, and 2014-15 Budget 1.38 Lakh crores. Planned budget is 1.10+ Lakhs crores. How wondered how 3.75 Lakhs worth corruption took place.

He also said YSRCP alleged that 1 Lakh crore worth corruption in Amaravathi alone. The 33k acres buy and sale transactions in three years is worth 800 crores. He asked YSRCP How could 1 lakh crore is generated by selling 33k acres?.