Soggade Chinni Nayana Movie Review

scnMovie : Soggade Chinni Nayana
Starring: Nagarjuna Akkineni, Ramya Krishna, Lavanya, Brahmanandam and Anasuya etc
Direction: Kalyan Krishna
Music: Anoop Rubens
Production: Annapurna Studios Rating: 3/5


Ramu (Nagarjuna) incompetent doctor is always busy with his work and even has no time to take care of his wife Sita (Lavanya Tripathi) . Sita decides to stay away from Ramu, she comes to her mother-in-law Sattamma (Ramya Krishna) . Pained to see her son’s family parting away, Sattamma recollect her husband bangarraju (Nagarjuna), who died 30 years back.

Socia fantasy touch, Bangarraaju in Narakam (Hell),flirting with Sexy Lady Yamabhatulu . Yama ( Nagababu ) Sends Bangarraju back to earth with a purpose and condition. While setrighting his son’s family, Bangaraju understands that his death was not an accident and he has been murdered. He also finds that his whole family is under danger and attempts to rescue them, A Tantrik and Villains attempt to kill Ramu. Who kills Bangaraju?, How he saves his family ? .. is the plot of the film

Nagarjuna has shown variation between two roles as inncocent & shy son and a outgoing Bangaraju with ease. He has take utmost care for his look as Bangaruraju, He resembles his father ANR. Ramya Krishna gave a tough competition to present generation heroines as far as her glamour is concerned. Lavanya impressed with her cute looks. Brahmandam humour back on track as a Baba who can talk with souls. Nazir, Sampath, Posani have done justice to their roles . Hamsa Nandini ‘s glamour was extra coating for the film and Anushka gave a shock to audience with her special appearance.


After many years in Telugu cinema , Debutant director Kalyan Krishna has succeed to some extent to reintroduce the concept of souls. He has doone justice to Nagajuna’s Bangaruraju role. Cinematography is good, they were able to showcase the natural beauty of Villages. One of the assets of the film is BGM, Anuroop has not only succeed in giving good tunes but also good BGM.

Plus points:
Nagarjuna, Ramya krishna
Comedy in second half
Background Music

Minus Points:
Lack of strong Villainism
Slow narration
Taking routine

Annapurna Banner is the one of the prestigious banner which had given classic films, How they have judged that Soggade Chinni Nayana with a debutant director would stand apart with other films that were produced under this banner.

The First Half of the film is Good and engaging with Healthy Comedy, Bangarraju-Satyamma chemistry and the Humor generated by Nagarjuna’s dual action . The second half had more comedy and regular routine Cliched story and backdrop. Director Kalyan Krishna could not live up with his dull treatment, With decent first half , Routine second half , The movie may end up as an average entertainer. maxium. Over all, This film is for Family audience and people living in rural areas .

Socio Family Entertainer