Sneha saved from drowning

Actress Sneha escaped from drowning when she was shooting in Rameswaram for her upcoming film on Monday evening. The newly-wed actress who is paired opposite Kishore in “Haridas”, directed by GNR Kumarvelan, was shooting in Dhanushkodi, the southern tip of the Rameswaram island, with the cast and crew in a boat.
Director Kumarvelan says, “I was filming a song sequence on the lead pair when there was a sudden rise in tide. A killer tide hit our boat and it capsized. We immediately sent Sneha safely to the shores in another life boat. My cameraman Ratnavelu started swimming, but I don’t know how to swim. So, I was forced to hold on to the boat for a while till some local fishermen rescued us. It was a horrifying experience.”
“Fortunately, the entire unit is safe and we are back in Chennai. We will resume shooting for the film tomorrow in Pondicherry,” he adds.
Sneha, meanwhile, is still shaken. “She took her time to get back to normal and now she’s doing fine. I also gave her the option of postponing the shoot for a while, but she insisted that we complete the schedule,” he adds.