Six people died in Gerdau steel plant gas leak incident

gerdauAt least 6 workers dead while several other rushed to hospital after leaking of poisonous gas in Gerdau steel plant in Anantapur dist of Andhra Pradesh. Gerdau leading producer of Steel in the USA.

The industry is about 4 km away from the Tadipatri. There were some workers sensed gas was leaking out in firing department in the evening. However, eight of these workers fell unconscious as soon as they smelled the gas. Two of them died after being hospitalized. Four lost their lives undergoing treatment. Two others are reportedly in critical state.

The details of the death toll in Germany’s ownership were revealed. Manoj, Ranganath, Vasim, Gangadhara, Lingayya, Guravayya were identified as dead. People were shocked by the deaths and their family members are in grief.