Six months Jail for movie Downloaders : Teja

teja1Tollywood Director Teja told shocking truth about movie piracy which is really shocking for movie downloaders from Internet.

He said, Tollywood has controlled the movie piracy by collaborating with Hollywood. With the help of  latest technology, The IP addresses of the computers and the persons using those computers are recorded.

They have all the data of those who are downloading English, Hindi and Telugu in India. Notices will be served to all those who are involved in such acts in coming days.

He further said, They will get the information even some one watches pirated films online . He said, Hollywood makers have given a contract and required resources to AP film Chamber to track every IP address which tends to download movies from Internet .

Even the home PC users will not be spared , all the information regarding the down-loaders are with them and soon court will issue notices to them and will be sent to jail for 6 months . Nobody can escape said the director as there is a strong organisation to track everyone , which is funded by Hollywood.