Sivaji targets Pawan Kalyan for publicity?

shivaji-pawan-kalyan-645The man who criticised Jana Sena party president Pawan Kalyan as Why does Pawan Kalyan not question Modi over special status? , has become the president of the committee , which formed to press the central government over special status to Andhra Pradesh.

Actor Sivaji, who was silent all these days , suddenly appeared before media to criticise Pawan Kalyan, TDP, BJP and YSRCP over special status and got some publicity in media.

The committee that was formed  has Chalasani Srinivas as honorable president and Mala Mahanadu convener Karem Sivaji as convener of the committee. Making such a committee and slamming others for their own publicity, Will such act get special status to AP ? . These intellectuals has to answer before targeting others.