Sitaram Yechury slams BJP on demonetisation

cpi-m-general-secretary-sitaram-yechury-addresses-377668Communist leader Sitaram Yechury slammed at ruling BJP on demonetisation.

He said, What is called demonetization is 86% of our cash transactions has been paralyzed; country today is living on cash transactions of 14%. Now we have Modi Antoinette, “If you don’t have paper, use plastic”; what is the coverage of your plastic money?.

He said, If you stop Rs 500/1000 notes, do you think corruption will stop? Now corruption will double with Rs 2000 notes. None of the points said by PM stand on any strong footing,whether its terror funding,black money,counterfeit currency,or corruption. If none of the objectives are to be fulfilled by this, what is the meaning of this move?, questioned Yachury.

He said PM said 50 days more required for an alternative arrangement to come into place. Till those alternative arrangements are not in place, allow these notes to be transacted for all white transactions, public purposes. Do not stop for usage in hospitals, transport, railway tickets. Get your alternative ready as ATMs are not calibrated, he suggested.