Singer Kausalya reveals her husband’s torture

KausalyaTelugu famous singer Kausalya has described about her bitter experiences in her married life in an interview to a media house .

Kausalya, who sung many super hit songs, has stated that her marriage life was a hell. She explained the torture of her husband and the circumstances that led for the marriage breakup.

Kausalya said that she had been married for six years. Right from the day one, her husband had started harassing her and she had been suffered for a period of six years.

She said that she had lost her freedom after marriage, and also nobody cared her opinion. In this way the life after marriage became a torture for her.

She also said that her husband had a illegal relationship. She said that her life has been destroyed in all respects. That’s why she has decided to break away from her husband.

Kausalya told she had also saved the chat conversation of her husband who reproached and abused her.