Silent Killers : Vadra and Jagan

A lot is happening throughout the nation over the Robert Vadra controversy and allegations and counter allegations are happening strongly. Some of the noted political observers are now saying that there are a lot of similarities between Y S Jagan and Robert Vadra.

Both turned to be silent killers . They are  killing every one with their silence. Both of them hail from very powerful political families and most of the time, they have been quietly going about doing their business and dealings without falling into the media limelight. Even now, after few allegations have been made both Jagan and Vadra are maintaining a lot of silence.

There is also an observation that Vadra and Jagan are very intense men and they don’t usually have the habit of taking things lightly. The only difference is, Jagan is already in jail and all his attempts to come out are failing so will Vadra also land in jail or will he ‘manage’ things from outside.