Shriya’s Wedding Plans Revealed

Beautiful actress shriya saran’s cinema profession has come to a dead end with no big offers knocking her doors. Shining as a top heroine in South acting with Stars and Super Stars, she is on a big slump with entry of fresh faces. Apparently, Shriya has given the consent to go for sensuous skin show performing highly tempting hip moves but none of the makers are ready to utilize her services.

The only way left for this sexy lass is to find a right partner and get settled in life. Shriya revealed her marriage plans saying, ‘Yea, my parents started to search for a groom as they feel this is as right age for me to marry. I don’t have big dreams. In fact, I wanted to find my partner by myself which never happened. So, what I can expect the most is he should be healthy and behave like a good friend of mine. He should understand the value of my thoughts and my profession. I will continue to act in movies even after the marriage.’ So, let us wish her a very all the best and may Shriya find the right partner.