Shriya mania at London

The city of London is not only a historic place but it is also known for having some of the world’s most beautiful women due to its multi-cultural environment. But one girl from India has begun to shake the total balance and she is making the men and the cameramen go crazy over her.  

She is Shriya Saran and this pretty starlet is currently in London attending the prestigious London International Film Festival. She is there for the premiere of her new movie ‘Midnight’s Children’ directed by Deepa Mehta and has done a very performance driven role in the film. 

Draping a sari created by the famous Manish Malhotra, Shriya is looking stunningly hot and grabbed the attention of many cameras and worldwide media. The film is having its release in the UK on December 26th and later it will be heading towards India. For now, it is Shriya mania at London.