Shraavya Reddy blast at perverts for asking her breast size

shraavya-reddyActress Shraavya Reddy went live on Facebook page to thank PM Narendra Modi for taking initiative to curb the Black Money .

However the actor face humiliation when a perverts commented on her post asking her breast size .

Shravya Reddy blasted at him, “Come on yaar, why do you guys see my body when I am telling something very important. India is going down man. F**k that. Yes, I am using vulgar language but you are using and lot of people are seeing your comments. I am not showing my body. Don’t praise my b***s. Yes, I have amazing b***s. What’s your problem? Will your mother not have? Every girl has b***s,”

She said, She and her mom have only 1.5 Lakhs in Mumbai and Guntur and had already withdrawn from ATM.