Shocking Remuneration for Tamanna !

Milky beauty Tamanna’s remuneration for the film “Rebel” is shocking all South Indian Film industry. Film producer Natti Kumar recently stated that the film producers of “Rebel” paid a hefty amount of Rs. 3 Crores for Tamanna Bhatia. Generally, Tamanna’s remuneration is 80 lakhs but this film is an exemption. “Anushka was initially roped in the role of female lead for this film. But in the final moment, the film makers replaced Anushka with Tamanna. Due to sudden decision, Tamanna was offered 3 Crores as she needs to allocate immediate dates for the film,” says a source from “Rebel” team. This remuneration level can be considered as a record in South India. In spite of investing huge amount, this film failed to reach the expectations of spectators.