Shocking cost for Baahubali VFX

BaahubaliAce Director Rajamouli has revealed the money spend for the Visual effects on Baahubali – The beginning starring Prabhas, Rana, Anushka and Tamanna.

Surprisingly , the amount spent was only 22 crs  for the visual effects of Baahubali the Beginning, to create such visual wonder or a magnum opus film, which has collected over 625 crore at World wide box office.

He also stated that, He could not deliver Hollywood film Avatar standard visual effects as the Hollywood films vfx budget would run in thousands of crores but with 22 Crore, he has managed to give good VFX. However, The costs related to the sets, remunerations of the stars and the amount paid to Ramoji film city are yet to be revealed.

But with recent Forbes list , it is eved that Rajamouli has charged 26 crore and Prabhas has charged 24 Crore as their remuneration for the film.

During the release time, the makers have stated that Baahubali first part costed them 132 crore.