Shock to Vanisree

Campaigning for the Congress party’s T.Subbi Ramireddi in Nellore, yesteryear heroine Vanisree had an embarrassing experience yesterday.

Speaking at Reddypalem, Vanisree said that if the people ensured TSR’s win, he would bring development activities to the villages of Nellore constituency. However some villagers then responded that despite the Congress being in power, no development was done till date in their village. Vanisree lost her cool and replied to this saying “shut up and listen to me or come up the campaign vehicle and speak publicly”.  With the situation escalating, Vanisree was requested to get in a car and leave by her security. Again, some villagers tried to block her car and and one lady even threw a chappal at Vanisree’s car.

Vanisree earlier began her campaign by saying she did not come as an actress or as a Congress party worker but as a lady who hailed from Nellore.