Shivam Movie Review

Shivam-Movie-First-Look-Posters-Wallpapers-Hero-Ram (1)Movie: Shivam
Director : Srinivasa Reddy
Producer : Ravi Kishore
Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad
Starring : Ram, Raashi Khanna 2.75/5


Shiva (Ram) is a happy guy who takes risks to help the love couples who are facing trouble from families in getting married, he has a record of uniting 111 couples. He gets into a rift with Bhoj Reddy’s (Vineet Kumar) son at jadcherally station which leads to humiliation to Bhoj Reddy family in his village. Shiva meets Tanu(Rashi Khanna) and falls in love. Abhimanyu Singh feels Tanu is his lucky charm and wants to marry her. Abhi who is in search of Shiva kidnaps Tanu and Shiva gets kidnapped by Bhoj Reddy to take revenge for humiliating . How will Shiva escapes and win back his lady ? That forms the rest of the story.
Ram as always energetic with his performance, action and dances. However, his role in the film resembles his earlier films. Rashi is glamorous and shown expressions well. Tagubothu Ramesh, Shakalaka shankar have entertained well. Vineet Kumar , Abhimanyu Singh have given their best .

Rassool cinematography is highlight for the film , Bhaskar Batla song and DSP’s music has come pretty well. Most of the songs were picturised in foreign locations.

The movie introduction is good which narrates hero’s role , followed by song . Comedy in the first half is good . Jadcherla fight scene, Krishna Bhagavan’s train scene, Heroine’s into scen are well designed. The basic plot of the film is a commercial plot , director Srinivas Reddy has given idea how the film goes while introducing the characters of the film . The key point that would make the predicted story a interesting plot is the screenplay . Director has failed in this department. Although there is comedy in the film but not to the mark.

The movie run time is 2.48 hours , which is more for a film like Shivam, the makers should have chopped 20 minutes to make it a racy screenplay, to avoid lags. The director could not bank ion the roles of Brahmanandam, Srinivas reddy and Posani. Villain in the film doesn’t look strong instead his character is more of comedian. Overall Shivam is just an average film with routine story, boring screenplay, lengthy runtime, average comedy and weak climax. Overall could entertain the masses. Director could have thought of something better than this .


Routine and Lengthy