Sher Movie Review – Fails to Roar

Sher-1Title: Sher
Cast: Kalyan Ram, Sonal Chauhan & Vikramjeet
Director: Mallikarjun
Producer: Komara Venkatesh
Music: S Thaman Rating 2.75/5


Goutham (Kalyan Ram) is son of a builder, , he loves his family very much and has mother and brother. He behaves like a responsible son and his father has lot of faith on him. He gets into a tussle with a local goon Puppy(Vikramjeet) . He takes aways the girl who was forcibly to be married to Puppy and makes her get married to her lover in register office. Puppy challenges Goutham that, he would marry the girl whoever falls in love with Gautham.

DGP Sayaji Shinde’s daughter Nandini (Sonal Chauhan) is a aspiring photographer who wins a selfie contest , she is quite impressed with Gautam’s patriotism(catching Flag) and falls in love with him without seeing his face. Meanwhile, Puppy is a henchman of Kolkata based smuggler Dada(Mukesh Rushi). Puppy , who challenged Gautham, makes a settlement with DGP to marry his daughter . Even Gautham gives a offer to DGP Shivaji Shinde . What is that offer?, What is the connection between Gautam & Kolkatta don Mukesh?, How Gautham targets them with mind games?


Kalyan Ram was energetic, he danced well and excelled in action scenes. He performed with commitment. Sonal Chauhan caters  the glamour part of the film with her skin show with shortest & skimpiest outfits . Brahmanandam entertains but not fully. Vikramjeet was good in his role as baddie. Ali, thagubothu Ramesh were okay, Prithvi’s role bring some laughs in second half.


Thaman music was ordinary, just two songs were catchy, BGM fail to impress audience. Fights and dances are good. Dialogue are good but not so impressive.

Sher is coming after Kalyan’s blockbuster film ‘Pataas’ and naturally there will be a lot of expectations from the audience. This is the third film of Kalyan Ram with the director Mallikarjun, the last two films in their combination have failed at Box Office.

The director had lot of hopes on the third film and came up with ‘Sher’ plot with all success elements like Hero with a comedian , Big Villain gang, Hero’s dramas staying in Villain house, Comedy with Mind Games. But the director has failed to embed chemistry between these elements . Sher has all the elements but misses something which is the emotion. The story of the film is good but the execution is bad. May be the budget limitations have restricted the director for poor execution .

The first half of the film is good to some extent , the director has failed to create excitement for the audience to watch the film . The film will be routine with entry fight followed by song . Even the interval bnag was pretty normal, there is no excitement like what could be in second half. While the second half has a routine stuff like Hero staying in Villain’s house But the pre climax reveals the rift between Mukesh Rushi and the Hero with a flashback, Followed by routine climax. Overall the movie fails to impress the audience.


Sher is Routine Drama