Shekar should learn from Jakanna !

If one is known for making soft entertainers which targets youth and urban areas, the other is known for making mass entertainers which are mainly well received by ‘B’ and ‘C’ class audiences. While, one makes films with star heroes and high budgets, the other makes films only with newcomers with in limited budgets. When it comes to similarities, they both spend more time on script work and also on production. They never like some one involving in their subjects.

The directors whom we are talking about are SS Rajamouli and Sekhar Kammula. In his entire career of 9 films, Rajamouli never scored a flop and all of them have achieved the status of blockbusters. One great thing about Rajamouli is he chooses a different subject for every movie. Now, he’s soon gearing up for his next cinema with Prabhas. On the other hand, Sekhar is making films targeting only urban areas and Overseas market. The filmmaker is unable to come out of the ‘Youth Circle.’ Long back he has announced to make a sequel to ‘Happy Days’ and we can say ‘Life Is Beautiful’ is more of this sequel because majority of scenes from the first college film were used in this colony backdrop movie. It is better for Sekhar Kammula to change his mindset and make different kinds of movies like Rajamouli garu.